About Us

Bestonlinesportsbooks.com is operated by sports bettors for sports bettors, bringing you the most accurate sportsbook news from around the industry. We understand the needs and demands of today’s gambler, as well as the many pitfalls and dangers of the online sportsbook industry. Our staff is made up of experienced sports bettors, many of which worked in the online industry, so we have unrivaled institutional knowledge and inside info on how the online sportsbooks operate.

We developed a unique grading system for our sportsbook reviews, looking at the features and attributes we believe are the most important to the modern bettor. Bestonlinesportsbooks.com sets the bar very high with our ranking scale, constantly monitoring the industry to provide the best betting options for sports bettors of every shape and size – from little squares to big sharps.

History and Reputation

The online sports betting industry is an extremely competitive market, which means staying power and reputation go a long way in grading just how good an operator really is. There are a number of online sportsbooks who have decades of experience under their belts and have built a renowned reputation as the industry standard.

Bestonlinesportsbooks.com looks to those operators to set the bar for many of the new sportsbooks entering the industry, but won’t discount a burgeoning sportsbook simply because they are new to the market.

While we do base the majority of our rankings on a long-term resume, we also understand that many experienced industry leaders are brought on by new books to help organize and operate, and our contacts in the online industry help us recognize these innovative new sportsbooks with plenty of institutional knowledge and experience behind the scenes. That way, sports bettors aren’t missing out on the next great sportsbook.

Betting Options

Sports bettors today have an expanded palate and are not content just wagering on spreads and totals for the major pro sports. In order to stay competitive and engaging, operators must offer a number of different betting options outside the norm. Bestonlinesportsbooks.com grades books based on their wagering options, and positively ranks those places with vast betting menus that would satisfy any sports fan.

Not only do we look at the number of sports and events available for wagering but also the ways in which you can bet on those offerings. Our top-ranked books aren’t afraid to mix it up with numerous bet types, such as parlays, teasers, alternative lines, team and player props as well as live in-game wagering. We also monitor the odds of sportsbooks across the industry and reward those operators willing to set some interesting and enticing prices with their daily numbers.

Cashier Options Payout/Funding

Thanks to government interference and banking speed bumps, depositing money into your sportsbook account and withdrawing your winnings can sometimes be a grueling process. The operators at the top of our rankings have gone to great lengths to make sure their customers can easily fund their sports betting and cash out winnings, offering new and innovative ways to quickly and smoothly deposit and withdraw. Many of these top-ranked books have welcomed alternative banking methods, such as BitCoin digital currency which allows customers to move funds around with less fees and processing times.

Whether you are using credit cards, money transfers, online banking or BitCoin, we have gone through the same process to see which sportsbook operators offer the best deposit and withdraw methods and ranked them according to speed, fees, and convenience.

Payouts and Financial Track Record

Winning your wagers is great but those bets mean nothing if your sportsbook is reluctant to payout deserved funds. Unfortunately, the online sportsbook industry is rife with unreliable operators who give their customers the runaround when it comes to withdrawing from their accounts.

Bestonlinesportsbooks.com is constantly communicating with sports bettors to find out which books have the quickest and most reliable cash out methods, and which ones are notorious for outstanding payments. Our top sportsbook recommendations have earned their spots with efficient payouts and hassle-free withdraws, as well as proven reputations for financial stability so that bettors can trust their funds are in good hands.


With the smart phone boom over the past decade, how an online sportsbook’s mobile product operates is now as equally important as their desktop version. Some sportsbooks have recognized his dramatic swing in how customers place their wagers, and are now building out their new software with a “mobile first” direction.

Bestonlinesportsbooks.com is constantly testing the limits of online sportsbooks and their gaming software on both mobile and desktop, making sure only the most responsive and user-friendly systems are given our top ranking. We grade software on load times, navigation and overall look to make sure a slow site won’t hold back your last-minute bets when trying to beat the closing bell.

Customer Service

The backbone of any proper business is customer service. No matter how efficient and well-oiled an operation is, there will always be questions and concerns from the clientele. Bestonlinesportsbooks.com not only creates a conversation with sports bettors on customer service but opens accounts at online books to “secret shop” their customer service departments through FAQs, live chat and phone support.

Our top-ranked sportsbooks will have received high marks in responsiveness, friendliness, knowledge and conflict resolution, as well as which sportsbooks followed up after these issues were addressed to insure customer satisfaction. The best sportsbooks will address your concerns promptly so that you don’t miss out on a single bet.

Bonuses and Incentives

In order to stay competitive, online sportsbooks must offer more than just good betting options. Bonuses and incentives go a long way with customers when choosing a sportsbook. These can be sign-up based – offering a certain percentage of their original deposit in free roll – or offer customers free plays and reduced juice on certain wagers.

Bestonlinesportsbooks.com has combed through endless sportsbook incentive programs, ranking the very best ones. And we didn’t just glance over the small print either: we signed up with many of these books, deposited money, and utilized those bonus programs in order to weed out which ones were actually valuable and which ones we more smoke and mirrors.

Some operators promise big bonuses but either install minimum requirements, asking for large deposits beyond the recreational bettor, or force customers to jump through hoops in order to get their bonus money – such as lengthy rollover rules. The top sportsbooks on our rankings are really offering valuable specials for their customers and get recognized because of it.