Three easy ways to improve your poker game

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Three easy ways to improve your poker game | Poker Strategy from

The popularity of poker is evident every time you walk into a casino or log into an online poker room. Here are some quick and easy tips to make you a better poker player, no matter if you’re a regular in online poker tournaments or just learning the game.

You don’t have to play every hand
You aren’t going to win every hand, so why would you waste your chips playing every hand? Being selective and knowing just how strong or weak your hand is – no matter which type of poker you’re playing – is a fundamental rule for players at any level. Don’t be afraid to fold from time to time, even if you’re holding an OK hand. Many times, you can get sucked into a big pot with a weak hand when you probably should have just backed down in the first place.

Be selective with your bluffs
Much of poker strategy is reading the table. If you’ve watched a player bluff and get caught a couple times, you know that there is a higher possibility of them trying to bluff their way through a hand later. If you have a decent hand and end up having to go against them, there’s a good chance they could be holding nothing. On the other side, some players don’t bother to bluff or have a strong tell when they do. Knowing or monitoring their betting behavior when attempting to bluff could save you a lot of pain and money at the poker table.

Pump your breaks/Turn on the gas
There’s nothing worse than wasting a surefire winning hand by being too aggressive with your early betting and scaring away other players. If you play in plenty of online poker tournaments, you know that a slow-play hand on something as strong as pocket Aces or straights and flushes can net you a big pot. That’s not to say there aren’t times when you want to be a little more pronounced with your bets. Confidently wagering can cause someone with a winning hand to think twice or fold and if you have a solid stack of chips, you can bully many smaller-stack players around the table